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I did not try a 2nd SD card as I don't have a 2nd one to try. It would have most certainly have been on my troubleshooting list though. Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


I DID forget to mention that one of the first things I did was run the windows error checking utility. No problems were found. Before I even began trying to transfer the files I wanted to format as I had been using the card in my Android and wanted to make 100% sure it was FAT32. Also, and this is probably a newbie question, but wouldn't formatting the card remove the possibility of file system errors?

And as far as Android messing with the file system, (again, this is assuming a format would fix file system errors) I formatted the card each time I attempted to put music on the card as it only takes a few seconds. Kind of like a control; have a freshly formatted card for each attempt. Rule out the possibility of any pre-existing errors which could have been created by the previous attempt.

Also, being that I am fully able to read/write when using the card reader/Android, could a problem with the file system still be present?
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