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I haven't farted around with any software changes on the two SGP 4.0's that my wife and I bought, but the Klipsch S4A earphones were a big improvement. I never used the Samsung earphones (but did try my wife's), and went right to the Klipsch. My wife thought I was crazy to spend so much, but then she tried them. She declared, "I NEED THESE!", and we bought a set from amazon for $60. I looked at a few sites that mentioned Klipsch products are widely counterfeited, and also sold by dealers that aren't authorized (no warranty). I called Klipsch, and they walked me through the telltale signs of counterfeit Klipsch S4's*, and told me that the amazon dealer was authorized.

I did use some cheaper Sony earphones on the SGP 4.0, and the SoundAlive settings didn't do a whole lot. With the Klipsch, the SA settings are still fairly worthless, but the "Concert" setting is now very good. The user custom settings work well with any phones.

*The Klipsch logo rubs off within a week; there's a seam along the side of the jack; the jack is L shaped; the box is missing the "CE" etc markings on the bottom; the metal security strip on the plastic packaging is absent.
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