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Originally Posted by skip252 View Post
Welcome to ABi

Sorry to hear about your problems. You don't give much useful information. What version Fuze? V1 or V2? What build did you install? The Release or a development build? The more detailed you are the more likely it is someone can help.

I'd try booting to the OF by holding |<< as you boot. That should let you connect using the sandisk firmware and make any changes you need.

I'd use whatever disk checking firmware your OS has to check the disk for problems with the file system. My brother was in the habit of yanking the cord as soon as he thought the files were finished transferring. Turns out there were background processes that were still running that caused problems when he didn't safely disconnect.

If that checks out OK I'd install a development build. There's been several updates made that improves how Rockbox works with the Fuze. The "stable" Release was more than a little buggy on my Fuzes. Updating to a development build fixed any issues I had. None of them prevented them from booting but I was getting freezes that had me resetting frequently.
I have a Fuze V2 and I installed rockbox version 3.11.2. I booted the sansa with OF. Ran the CHKDSK, no problems were found.Then I started the player normally. Sansa was working fine now but no content was showing up as it was the different USB mode. So I booted the sansa with |<<. It got stuck on refreshing your media. I forced Reset it. Then It won't turn on. So I formatted the whole player.

One thing I've noticed that The empty player with no content works fine but whenever I load my music on it. It gives me all sorts of problem like It gets stuck on refreshing your media or On sansa logo,Clear 90MB. white screen music DB etc etc
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