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Originally Posted by BruceBanner View Post
So now that we have covered the sd card part lets discuss 'Flac or not too Flac!'
I listen to mp3's, 320kbps most of the time, would i really hear a noticeable difference going to FLAC, when i use a rockbox sansaclipzip paired with Ultimate Ears Super fi 5 IEMs?
Probably not, but you should test things for yourself. And if you're going to test things you should consider going in the opposite direction for the advantages that smaller files give you in greater storage capacity. Start by switching to VBR and begin at -V0 and work downward.

I'd be very surprised if you can tell any difference at LAME -V2, which (assuming an average of about 190 kbps across all files) would let you store 68% more music in the same space vs using CBR 320. All of a sudden your 64 GB card is a 107 GB card.
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