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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post

I suspect that you can still probably store more than that number of files and then get to all of it using the "physical browse" method (i.e. Library -> [Folders], which is like Windows Explorer). But using "logical browse" and the finite sized tags database itself (e.g. for artists, albums, years, genres, and song titles) the firmware/database limits of 8000 on both internal and external apply.
No, the file limit kicks in even for the [Folders] file browser, it really sucks. I hate the cowon designer that set this limit, I really do.

I've been using my J3/32GB with a 64GB card for a while.

I have around 5340 ogg songs in the internal storage, no problem with any of those.

I tried up to 8514 oggs in the external storage. A total of 13854 song files in the j3.

The "Music" counter got stuck at "13342 files". Meaning that the J3 is reading only 8002 files from the external card, no matter how many more I add.

I have my music organized in folders, on folder per album. Using the file browser, if I enter the folder of an album that the j3 didn't "read" (ie missing in the "library"), it shows no songs, but weirdly enough it shows the "cover.jpg" art file.

So the "file browser" is clearly not a real file browser, it is navigating the library. it totally, totally sucks.

Before I am asked: my j3 takes about 1.5 minutes to "scan" all 13k files after a cold turn on. This is another design aspect that sucks, but I could live with it.

If anyone knows how to get around the file limit in the j3, please post it...

If you are a cowon UI/library designer/developer, you know you suck. If you are a cowon development manager, please hire one of the rockbox guys asap

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