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Hi all, new here.

I'm fairly new to the whole MP3 scene, I was still rocking a portable CD player until last year before I got with the times. Started off with an iPod Classic 80GB.....great storage room but terrible sound quality. I finally realized I didn't need to carry around 700+ albums if they all sounded like crap.

After that I got a Sansa Fuze (the old one, not this new abomination), which I absolutely loved until my 11-month-old son decided to see if it would float in the toilet (for the record it did not). Couldn't find another Fuze so I went with a Clip Zip. I suspect the Clip might actually float in the toilet, although I'd rather not find out.

This is the setup I bring to work. The Clip is a 4GB, Rockbox with a 32 GB card. The headphones are Auvio model 33-266. Auvio is the Radio Shack house brand. Highly recommended if you can find a pair but I think they were discontinued a while back.

I also found this old Sony Walkman 4GB at a garage sale for 5 bucks. Cleaned it up and polished the screen and it looks brand new. Sounds great too, a little muddier than the Clip but best 5 bucks I've ever spent. This is what I listen to at home when everybody's asleep and I can't crank the stereo.

When I listen at home I usually use this. Sony XB500. My wife calls them the "Godzilla headphones" which is suitable since after an hour you feel like a giant has been stomping on your head:

Later on, I want some Denon in-ears because I am a Denon fanboy, and I've been eyeing those little Archos players for beater purposes.

EDIT: Sorry about the giant pictures, I am not tech-savvy, at least not with camera phones and such.
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