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Originally Posted by jjrosaria View Post
I would just like to share this to you guys.. I've read a lot of questions in the internet on how to create playlist for the walkman.. Tried heaps of different method but I finally know how.. all you have to do is select the songs you like in your mp3 player folder in the explorer and then right click and press create playlist.. for some reason I just noticed the button after I had my walkman for a year now.. then just cut the playlist to the playlist folder on the root of the walkman

thats it
Hello bro,

I don't know who you are, what you do, if you're still alive etc.

I don't even know what this forum is all about.

But I've been struggling with playlists for 2 days straight and my mp3 player just lost it's worth to me.

Then, I see your msg on the forum, give it a try, and I'm like "wtf?? are you serious?????"

Now I can use my player with playlists and shuffle, just as I wanted to.

All the downloads I made for different players were just a waste of time.

It's strange noone gave feedback to this message.

Anyways, even if this is 3 years old. Thanks man, i love you homo.

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