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Originally Posted by JSWolf View Post
What I have done with a 24-bit Elton John CD from HDtracks (24/96) was use Adobe Audition to down-sample to 16/48 and the J3 played it just fine. Also, the re-sampled 24-bit CD did sound better then the the original 16-bit version. I did use the option to dither. And yes, it was a noticeable difference. I'm surprised that CDs are not recorded at 24/96 and down-sampled to 16/44.1 which would then sound better. I just wish there was a MFSL version to compare to.
Don't feel up to dealing with this today so I'll just leave a few links for anyone that might come across this later.

A little reading of the thoughts from people who actually know about this and have done the testing might help prevent someone from being misled.
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