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Went and bought this and I have to say, I thought I'd be needing a swapable battery but turns out that the battery on this thing can handle my day, and then some just fine Although I'll reserve a final say after I get my bluetooth headset back, then I'll see how well it copes with that on.

Although I did have a bit of a battery issue the first few days I had the phone. The battery actually wouldn't charge properly during the day at work, originally I thought it was the chargers I was using or that the device was using too much power but it turned out it was the battery. Read somewhere that someone had fixed a similar issue by simply charging the battery when the phone was turned off- then taking the battery out for 15 minutes and plugging it back in with 100% charge. Kind of strange, but it worked. I'll still be keeping my eye on this issue to see if its not something else.

Otherwise I love the fact that I can just swap out SD cards- pretty much on the fly, no need to turn off the device. Won't be needing to do that too much once I get a 64gb card I imagine but for now its pretty fun to be able to swap out a single card to get access to a huge selection of pre-recorded TV shows and to have a full music library on another. The 16 gigs built in is enough for my podcasts and even photos and such that I don't normally want to swap out.

Still not a fan of the looks although I have to say that there is nothing cheap about the device on closer inspection. Sure its shiny plastic, but it is still some of the nicest plastic out there. In the end I got the white one after seeing the "pebble blue" on display and deciding it was not for me. However due to the device being fairly thin, getting a Case isn't that crazy an idea. So I just went with a "Rock" textured MetalSlim case from after seeing a charger that would fit my new phone with this (and I'm assuming others) case on.
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