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Originally Posted by Mosselman View Post
... One question though, you guys talk about 'clip' and 'non-clip' amps. Do you mean the difference between clip: something like Fiio E6 and non-clip: iBasso T5?
Originally Posted by Marvin the Martian View Post
When they say "Clip" they are talking about the Sansa players....Clip+, Clip Zip.
Even on the original V1 and V2 Clip, V2 e200 and Fuse players. This is because the Clip’s onboard DAC has a very low noise floor, low output impedance with very little distortion (as seen on graphs), even at high volumes. This is easily noticed with overly sensitive balanced armature IEMs as comparing to other DAPs where you can possibly hear a hissing system noise and need a portable amp to reduce or eliminate it.

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