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Additonal explanation : I played with flake long time ago and forget it. Flake is an alternative flac encoder which allows higher level of compression (beyond 8 in regular flak) . I think I used compression level 10 or 11 just to check is it worth it. Apparently flac files beyond 8 or 9 compression level are problematic to play on both cowon j3 (freezes) and sansa clip zip (cracks and noises). My advice : Don't use higher cl it since savings in space are absolutely minimal, just stick with default level 5. Additional problem is that once flac file is encoded, there is no utility which shows what was the cl, so you only can guess based on size ( I checked ). The only way to find out is to convert the file to wav format and then encode back to flac with different CLs and see the size.
I used option -f in regular flac encoder to correct the file which decodes/encodes from flac to flac .so
flac -5 -f sample.flac
generates samle.flac file with CL 5 and write it instead of original file ( that if you don't want to keep the original, otherwise use -o option to give a new output file)
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