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There likely won't be any more firmware updates for this model, as SanDisk's development team are working on the next model due out out in a couple months. After it's release, their efforts will be concentrated on this new player's support and bug fixes.

SanDisk, like many other companies had to pare down their dev. teams to bare bones when the economy went south a few years ago. They're still operating under limited manpower, so "enhancements" just don't get the priority they used to.

I replied to this (and your other concerns) in your similar post over on the SanDisk forums.

Originally Posted by Anne_Onymous9 View Post
the level of battery indicator on the device is incredibly hard to read see compared to the bright yellow of my former Clip +/ . . . And since Windows never seems to reflect the true level of battery....
Did you know that you can get a percentage reading of the battery's charge level on the device itself by going into Settings > Systems Settings > Info?

No it's not perfect, but it's better than the battery icon or depending on Windows for an accurate reading.

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