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Thanks for the replies,

I've just downloaded MediaMonkey to scope out.

I guess I do still use iTunes as my main media manager; I hate the interface for Winamp and will probably uninstall it at some point, ad WMP has never fit the bill. I used to love SongBird, but I haven't tried it since I upgraded to Win7 (dualboot with Ubuntu).

Just to make sure I was clear, Media Go was importing my iTunes playlists to its overview playlists just fine, but it wouldn't let me send more than one to the walkman. I'm fine using something like MediaMonkey for syncing if I need to.

Though, does MM monitor playlist files? I.e. if I continue to use iTunes for my overall management, will I need to re-export/import my playlists every time I make changes to them? I'll admit I only tend to sync my players when there's a significant change in my library, but it would still be a bit of a pain if I had to export and import everything every time I wanted to sync.

Out of curiosity, is there any experience using SongBird with the walkman? (If anyone knows.)
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