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I'd use my ears and equipment to determine what quality setting is transparent to you. That way you won't need to rely on anyone else advice. You'll know that what you are using will give you the best setting for battery life and sound quality.

You just need to reliably determine the setting to use to produce perceptually encoded (lossy) files that are transparent to you. Then you won't be "making do" with files that sound somewhat like the original. You shouldn't be able to perceive a difference between a difference between the lossless source.

The linked page on transparency has some useful guidelines but I still encourage ABX testing. You may find that the guidelines produce files that are lower or higher quality settings than you need.

Since some either haven't done the testing or believe that bitrate is a reliable metric for sound quality they tell you to go for the highest setting and accept any losses in battery life or storage space. If you do your own testing you can determine if those losses are needed to have the sound quality you want and still have good battery life.
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