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I have a pair of great Sony phones, from many years ago. The only issue is, the lack of Sony support: the phones use pads that only Sony makes, and they last a finite amount of time time (I found this out when my ears were itching, when I was wearing the phones; I scratched them, only to find that my hand was covered with a black ooze that the petroleum-based pads had disintegrated into over time--ick!!); and Sony then phased the phones and the pads out (even though it had been charging a pretty penny for the pads earlier, makings scads of profit off of them).

When I called Sony about this, I got no sympathy and was told, in essence, that time passes. I then asked what I could do, and the "ever-so-helpful" company rep. told me, "Buy new phones" (even though mine were in fine shape).

I got even with Sony, though: I researched matters and discovered through experimentation that I could use Plantronics receptionist earphone pads on the Sony phones, and at a much lower price than what Sony had been charging. Score one for the little guy!
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