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I think that the performance of ANY electronics device is subjective. The same as music, art, food, drink, etc. My Stance on Bose...They sound very flat or dull. Yes, they can sound nice, and sound clean, but as everyone on here has already mentioned, they aren't absolutely blown away by the sound quality, and the price wanted for their kit seems unjustified. My Grand Parents replaced an old JVC mini system in their sunroom with one of the Bose Wave radios (which I don't think sounds any better than the 1990 JVC unit, which is now the stereo in my's that awesome), and they also replaced a complete Harman Kardon HT setup with the Bose 2.1 Cinema system (They did this for simplicity sake only). That sounds alright, but I find the ads funny for the Wave radio, as they make it out to be the latest technology, when it isn't. Some brands, like JVC for example, had Labrynth speakers, a predacessor to waveguide speakers, as far back as 1989. Other manufacturers had something similar with woofers and subwoofers for some PA style equipment.

I have a Harman Kardon Champange 2.1 speaker kit connected to my laptop/computer, and I have yet to find a Bose setup that will beat it in sound quality. The HK setup is still highly regarded, almost 10 years after they first introduced them. They also sounded amazing when connected directly to my Sandisk Sansa Fuze, and I am expecting the same, if not better results with my Fuze+

I never have, and never will own a Bose product, only because they don't suit my listening tastes, and they are quite expensive. I'm on my 2nd configuration of Klipsch Refference Speakers and a Marantz 7.1 THX cert HT receiver, and I've not demo'ed a single Bose system that can beat it, whether in SQ, efficiency, or sheer dynamics.

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