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Originally Posted by The DarkSide View Post
Ok, and what setting did you have the Digizoid ZO on? Step 2,... It's not just "on", step "1" step "2". There are numerous settings, so that test is somewhat invalid. That is, unless, you test every step and post the graphs for every one of them. So, the test is incomplete.

The Digizoid ZO starts with a small bass boost, and the last setting is mind-numbing. I found the Digizoid ZO to really sound clean, clear, and HUGE!!! The FiiO E11 is an amp with a 2 stage bass boost. It does sound pretty good, but not D:ZO good.
The two definitely sound different but I can't say which one sounds better. Both have things I like in the sound quality. The thing I like most is the Zo's small size. I used two clicks for the ZO. 3 or more clicks starts to sound muddy to me (all of my headphones aren't that bass shy). Did you know that after 3 clicks the other clicks are negligible in a bass boost? I rmaa all of the clicks once and I got only a tiny touch in bass boost per step after the 3rd click, some as little as a few tenths of a dB. I kid you not. So in theory there are only 4 significant bass steps, 1st , 2nd, 3rd, and last (the 4th through last is just one bass step lol).
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