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Hi all, thanks for the advice above. I have a 64gb micro formatted to FAT32 using GUI-Format.

I think I understand the above but the screenshots by DSperber have me a little confused. So for the dim among us, can I confirm the following "rules":

1) You can use a 64gb SD card as long as you don't have more than 8,000 files on it
2) You can get up to ~96gb (32gb on the player + 64gb) as long as you only have 8,000 files on the player and 8,000 on the SD card

Hence, under either of these circumstances, you can consider the expanded player maxed out(?):

You put 8,000 files of 1mb on the player and 8,000 1mb files on the SD card (16gb used in total); or

You put 8,000 files of 4mb on the player and 8,000 8mb files on the SD card (96gb used in total)

In which case, I suppose the best strategy is to make sure that movies, 1-hour long DJ mixes etc etc go on the SD card and the smaller files go on the player?
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