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Originally Posted by Artmuzz View Post
I am really impressed with the SQ on my Sony A729 that I bought secondhand a couple of weeks ago. Even when I set the volume to 10 it is loud enough and the bass is really good. However my newer Sony DAPs (the A845, A865 and S754) sound lifeless in comparison. I was wondering if any of this was due to the terrible EU volume cap that is put on the newer Sony DAPs. Also I think the EU volume cap not only affects the volume but the overall SQ too as I read that non-EU Sony DAPs sound far superior to the EU volume capped counterparts.
I do not know if it is due to the volume cap, but I listened to my A865 and found myself looking to tweak the sound, something I just do not do with any of my players. Perhaps it is just a bit quiet; I did find that I had to turn int up a bit to get the same rich and full sound I was getting from the A828 at a lower volume.

It took just a day or so for me to decide to sell the A865 - It is a litte larger than I need / want - and as much as I like touchscreen players, there just is not enough about it that makes me want to use it over the A828. I was fortunate to find a new A828 after I sold the A729; that was before I realized what I truly had. If I can find either in 16GB again, I will buy it.

I used to be a big Samsung fan, but now I am thinking that the A72X/A82X players simply are the best I have ever heard next to my Fuze/Clip.
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