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Originally Posted by da1writer View Post
You so crazy ! The 4.2 does have a better screen than the 4.0; The 4.0 uses a Super Cleard LCD display while the 4.2 has a IPS Display
I've learned not to judge screens until I have a chance to look at them. If the 4.2 screen is the same or better than the 4.0 then it is indeed a good thing. Don't fall into the trap of believing that all IPS displays are made equal though.

Don't give a crap about the camera though imo as I got a 16mp camera that is loads better than any phone/mp3 player/tablet and I can post pics with it's built in wifi too.
Well that is all very well and good but that is sort of besides the point. The resolution downgrade isn't necessarily a deal breaker though. The camera in the 4.0 was a bust, not because of the resolution but because of the insane shutter lag and perplexing lack of 720p video recording mode. If these issues were fixed, I'd consider that an upgrade.

I also don't plan on playing games on the 4.2
Fair enough, but the fact that Samsung bundles games with the new 4.2, means that they are interested in attracting that kind of audience. That said, I don't think the GPU changes will affect the most common casual games (Angry Birds, Scramble with Friends etc.)

All in all, I don't think it is a bad device, just ill suited for anyone who has previously purchased a 4.0 or 5.0.
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