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hi there ! i got some small freezing problems.

short summary: i lost my rockboxed clip zip, i bought a new one and then installed rockbox again, because now i cant live without it.
(winXP SP2, current rockbox build from first post,tried with both bootloaders)

so i switched all settings like they were on my old zip (dfkt_minimum theme,fonts,timestrecht ON). everything is ok, but when i skip tracks it constantly freezes, so i have to restart.
i checked everything, because my "old" clip zip was totally stable. i recognized that there is no freeze, when timestrecht is disabled. (????)
i like this feature very much for audiobooks and never had any problems with rockbox at all. i thought it also could be the player, but on a third clip zip there is the same problem.

any advice? i really want to use timestrecht.

thanks in advance

kind regards

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