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Old 07-26-2009, 07:14 PM
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Happy to hear it worked!
Physically solder on the chip won't do anything; on the chip's pins -- you're screwed. In addition soldering iron heat consistently applied to the chip will damaged it, just be careful.
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Old 07-27-2009, 04:04 PM
kdaniel6217 kdaniel6217 is offline
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thanks noobtaculus. i didnt get any even near the nand flash so it was all good.

THis is a fosho 5 star thread.
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Old 11-28-2009, 06:09 PM
mathieu mathieu is offline
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Thanks for this helpful tutorial!
it worked for me!
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Old 01-15-2010, 12:09 PM
Michael8 Michael8 is offline
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I must say that this guide was really heplfull to me.
But as well as it worked, so far i've only been able to fix it temporary.
The first time I opened the P2, I followed the instructions in the guide.
When i turned my P2 back on, it worked perfectly.
Then after a while, I started to encounter the same problem as before, the jack was loose again.
So I re-opened it and made the same procedures hopefully better this time.
Same result, player worked well, but after a while the sound at one side started to fade away again.
Re-soldered a third time, and know i still have this problem.
I figured out that the problem must lie with the jack connector itself so i managed to dislocate it out of the player's chipboard, with the idea of just buying a new jack plug somewhere.
My question now is, do you guys know a proper site/shop where to buy these 3,5mm Jack mountings that fit in the player.
Maybe some of you have already been trying this too so thats why maybe some of you might just know an aswer.

Alot of thanks in advance.
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Old 09-06-2010, 12:01 AM
tuffix tuffix is offline
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Noobtaculus thanks for that PDF file about fixing the audio jack! I fixed an annoying problem with my MP3 player. In fact I am going to fix the 3 Samsung P2's I have.

I will also fix the coby MP3 players I have.
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Old 12-16-2010, 05:32 PM
iMess iMess is offline
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Noob alert!!

Err 1 question, my player doesn't seem to like the back 'slide off'. Infact it all seems to be 1 piece unlike the pictures in the guide!
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Old 05-15-2012, 09:47 AM
mrbusa2016 mrbusa2016 is offline
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Default Your post is great !

Your post was very helpfull and fixed my problem perfectly. Took about 15 min hardest part was not loosing the screws. Thanks alot.
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Old 06-10-2013, 11:33 PM
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