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Old 05-12-2012, 12:04 PM
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Originally Posted by Syndrome View Post
But as long as your voltage is right, and the amps add up correctly then it should work good.
That depends on how well the computer power supply is constructed, and how it responds to being pushed that hard consistently. Not only is it an issue of current draw, but when you connect multiple circuits together like that it adds even more stress on the power supply.

There are no perfect parts out there, and as a result there will be variances in the voltage on each individual circuit you are splicing there (initially). It will equalize out the voltage when you place them in parallel like that, true.... But in doing so at the expense of shorting (at least partially) back to the power supply (through the difference in potential of the individual circuits you spliced together).

It will probably work out ok at least short term, as long as the PSU fan doesn't fail. I would NOT run this sort of set up unattended, and I would keep a fire extinguisher handy,
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