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Originally Posted by bikertrash View Post
It probably wouldn't take much to beat the price on any device they have.
Oh yeah? Who else sells a 160GB player a lot cheaper then an ipod classic?

You only think it wouldn't take much because you don't know what it would take: massive volume. You need to sell tens of millions of units to get into Apple's costs. And basically no one but Sandisk or Sansung can do that, and those can only do it for certain models (e.g. stripped down Galaxy phones).

Everyone else either cuts corners, sells something Apple doesn't sell, or costs more. Sandisk being the obvious example. They need 5x the battery capacity as Apple players to match the same battery life. They still haven't gotten their AAC decoder to work on files over 15 minutes. They have occasional quality issues (i.e. flash memory hiss). They could fix these things by using modern processors, better materials and more engineers, but then you wouldn't be able to get one of their players for much cheaper then a Nano.

Then there is the Fuze+

Anyway, this isn't to say Apple is the best at everything. But for a given design, they will almost certainly sell it for much less then anyone but maybe Samsung could even break even for.
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