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Originally Posted by jayaloha View Post
hey I also wanna download Kizune Cheetah
At the moment it's "not yet ready for prime time". The whole package is still under development, and even the main desktop component Cheetah is only in early beta.

The rest of the really necessary pieces (browser - Bamboo, and music player - Penguin) are not available. So it's really not much of a "package" just yet, although it promises to be stunning when it's finished.

For now, if you really want to be able to use your J3 completely you should stick with the fully functional and "production" Kizune 1st-generation UCI system.

Kizune's existing "production" UCI package:

(a) Lynx, for main menu desktop. Download from here.

(b) Leaf, for browser. Download from here.

(c) Sense, for music. Download from here.

(d) Vision, for pictures. Download from here.

but that album cover matrix is nice though I think. WHat I dont like in the original firmware is that I cant automatically browse through folders. I always have to go back couple of times with the arrow. Besides that its not that bad.... And, again, I like that matrix album art feature... Dont you?
Browsing music on the J3 alphabetically by album title is for me essentially a worthless method. If anything, I would browse music by artist, and then pick an album.

More likely, I would browse by artist, and then [All Tracks] (which displays all music by that artist from any album, located on both internal or external storage) and then I'd search for and pick the track I wanted to listen to.

Even so, seeing the "nearest 9 alphabetical album titles to the album corresponding to the music track currently playing" is of no useful value to me. It's entertaining to see 9 other album covers along with the one that's currently playing a track, but as far being of any real value to me... sorry, it's not.

But mostly, I use my J3 to play music in my car (through my car's audio system) while I'm driving. I'm not browsing, I'm just listening. I have all of my 1100 FLAC files (which by definition are my "favorite favorites", else I'd have them in MP3 form) set to have a "genre" of "FLAC" in their tags. These 1100 files are located both on internal and external storage, and cover hundreds of different artists and hundreds of different albums (from my total collection of about 1100 CD's). Then I start the browse by Library -> [Genres] -> [FLAC], and just let the J3 start playing. I have playback control set to "random", so what I really am listening to is like a "radio station" playing a "genre-playlist" of 1100 of my "favorite favorites" (located on both internal and external storage) in random order so that I have no idea what's going to play next. It isn't limited by 250 or 400, it isn't limited by internal or external storage, and it just plays continuous random "favorite favorites" without any intervention on my part.

And powering the J3 off, and then on, and then simply "resuming" play, the J3 simply continues on through this 1100 entry "playlist" never repeating anything (since that's how "random" works on the J3, with the once-shuffled playlist used indefinitely until you re-shuffle).

But that's just me, and how I happen to use my portable music player.

What is the big advatnage with Kizunes software anyway?
There are many slick features in the Leaf/Sense combination. But for me, the two BIGGIES are:

(a) instant first-letter JUMP/search, when in Leaf, to an alphabetical location in any large list for the entries starting with that first letter, rather than having to finger-scroll through a list of hundreds or thousands of tracks. This is unbelievably convenient.

(b) cache versions of any list, which can optionally be "persistent", so that once the list is built for the first time it does not have to be built again (although you can force it to be re-built on demand, and/or rebuilt the first time you access that list each time you power on the J3). This speeds up navigation (especially when popping back up to the next higher level) remarkably.

There is one other very important feature for many, but not of any real value to me, and that is "dynamic playlists". This is a very useful feature that is built on top of Cowon's Favorites functionality, which supports a playlist of up to 250 music files that can be located on either internal or external storage.

With the Cowon software you yourself dynamically add or delete music files to this one Favorites list (by pushing buttons while a music file is playing, or by editing the current Favorites list). That's the extent of the Cowon Favorites functionality.

With Leaf/Sense, you can actually SAVE the current Favorites list as a file (with a name of your own choice). And you can build/save any number of such Favorites lists (each up to 250 entries). And then at a later time you can re-load the one 250 entry Cowon Favorites list from any of your saved files.

So while you still are limited to only 250 entries per list, you can have an unlimited number of these 250 entry lists. The fact that the lists can point to music files on both internal and external storage (which is part of Cowon's Favorites functionality) has great advantage over standard M3U playlists which though having a somewhat larger maximum of 400 entries are strictly limited to music on either internal or external storage but not both mixed in the same single M3U playlist.

So if playlists are important to you, the Leaf/Sense "dynamic playlist" idea is great (although these are SOL binary files and cannot really be maintained on your PC, but rather must be manually built and maintained with your own fingers on the J3 itself).

And can you install Kizunes Cheetax NEXT to the original, or do you have to replace that?
Again, other than playing with it, if you really want to use your J3 for real you should go with the current "production" UCI family at this moment, not Cheetah.

But both Cheetah and Lynx are replacements for any of the three Cowon main menu desktop options. Presumably whichever of the three you like the least or would use the least, that's the one you would re-purpose to be Lynx/Cheetah. The other two Cowon main menu desktops remain available "side-by-side" with Lynx. So you can choose any of the three at any time (but honestly, once you've installed Lynx why would you use the Cowon main menu offerings??).

However Leaf and Sense replace the Cowon browser and music player. So even if you use the remaining two Cowon main menu desktops if you then go into the browser or music player you're invoking Leaf or Sense.

The whole UCI replacement package is only "temporary", installed by placing some files and folders in the \System\Flash UI folder of the J3. To uninstall them, just delete the same files and folders you placed there in the first place and you're now back to the original Cowon software.

As to your question, Matrix Browser is honestly of zero value to me. In fact, I don't use landscape mode. I use the Kizune "production" UCI, and am strictly portrait mode.

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