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I tried the Creative D3x and I wasn't impressed at all. It was better than the Logitech 515, but still pretty painful to listen to. Lacked any bass response and there was no clarity. So not only did the SQ suck, it had to be plugged into the wall and the wire isn't very long.

I tried the Logitech Wireless Boombox which I'm happy with. It's a keeper for the price. I like that it's mobile, can keep a charge, and sounds decent for my mobile purposes of getting ready in the bathroom or if I'm hanging out on my patio and want decent sound. It's not audiophile but it's really cheap, has a full sound with decent bass (not basshead), with nice clean highs and mids (I know my music review needs work), but I'd definitely recommend them for anyone considering economical wireless speakers.

For my living room area, I am still researching various set-ups. Curse the Internet. My budget for my living room set-up has magically increased to $350..still needs to be able to stream from my laptop. Are there any high quality wireless adapter's that can be hooked up to receivers / consoles which will not suffer from audio degradation broadcasting a wireless signal? Audioengine W3 is the only one I've seen that looks good to me. It's $150, which only leaves me a budget of $200 for my speakers. Maybe I can get a cheap $100 receiver and a budget $100 set of speakers? Or maybe a $200 set of active bookshelf speakers...very confused
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