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Originally Posted by dfkt View Post
With the crappy sensors used in cellphones, the brand name of the "lens" used is really nothing more than a marketing gimmick. Even worse when they stuff 41 megapixels on said tiny, noisy sensors.
Honestly, some of the lenses out there (ie iphone 4s, htc one x) are fairly respectable - though they do have their problems. It's the size constraints though, such as phones needing to have a fixed lens (and therefore lacking any real zooming, just digital zoom) which lead to issues. Though I imagine for the average consumer, they are more than adequate to replace your typical DSLR.

Edit: if you're curious, here's the best comparison I've seen of the iphone 4s (currently tied with the one x as the best smartphone "camera") pitted against a Canon 20D, and a 10MP Olympus XZ-1.
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