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What do you call high end? I do have one headphone I think I paid around $250 for in the 90s, and some that were $100-150 that also bought in the 90s. I haven't bought any headphones or earphones over $100 since the 90s. I find that most headphones over $100 aren't really worth the price. If a $200 heaphone sounds 25% better than a good $80 one, why buy the $200 one?

I get enough enjoyment from my old long discontinued headphones, as well as my cheaper headphones Sony V6, Sennheiser PX100, JVC HAS160 Flats, Sony E888 earphones, Sennheiser MX580 earphones, Panasonic RP-HJE450 IEM, etc. My favorite stuff is not what was most expensive. I guess my favorites are the V6, HJE450, MX580, HAS160,etc. I like finding cheap stuff that performs very nicely for the price.

Cheap stuff that performs well such as the Clip+ and Sony SRF-59 radio really excites me.

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Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
Cheap stuff that performs well such as the Clip+ and Sony SRF-59 radio really excites me.
right there with you on that one. I get too bored with stuff or curious about new stuff to spend too much. Most of the premium price is for longevity and build quality in my experience.
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The most I've spent on headphones so far is $74 for my SR60i's, and $106 for my WS55's. No regrets on either of those purchases, but I'm hesitant to go any higher, especially given how great the WS55's are.
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Since your thread is about IEMs, I was talking about them and not full size headphones. By high end I was thinking $75.00 and up ++ I was just curious as to how you like the "battle at $8.00" compared to some of the more expensive IEMs. For example aside from the cheap included buds that I don't use, my cheap pair of IEMs (cx300s) were gifted to my son but they don't even come close to my older MylarOnes, M31s or the A151s. I've been very impressed with the A151 performance for an IEM that can be regularly found under $50.00, but I haven't used any of the under $10.00 IEMs in a long while. Guess I'll have to try out a pair soon ...

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I've spent $250 at a shot,...but I got lucky and got my $300 joints for all together around $40. I feel so special,...

Then, tons of "in between" stuff,...I luv the middle road gear more I think.
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I haven't found any IEMs over $75 that I thought were worth the money. I think the Sony XBA-1 looks interesting, but at $72 seems a bit too expensive. At under $50 I might buy it. I was thinking about buying the Sony EX310 for under $50, but those suddenly went up in price. In the 90s I bought the Sony E888 earbuds. I think those were $55. The Panasonic RP-HJE450($25) sounds quite good to me. I don't like the fact that the A151 can be worn only cord up.
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