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Originally Posted by robdean View Post
My Belkin USB hub is powered (i.e. it has a mains adapter connected directly to it), and it charges my player fine with the lead between the PC and the hub disconnected. I get the impression this is more typical than your experience. It may be worth double checking your hub's power supply, as the hub will just default to an unpowered hub if there is any problem with the power supply, and will still work fine in many everyday situations.
Good thinking. But I've now tried it with all 3 of my (unfortunately identical) hubs; I guess this model must de-power it's ports when offline.
I don't know how common this is, but my Toshiba laptop has a BIOS setting which allows me to leave the USB port power on even when the laptop is shut down: another way to grab USB power without going into sync mode.
I don't recall seeing such a setting in the BIOS of any of my desktops (makes sense that a laptop would have such a setting, but I have none); and their ports aren't sufficiently conveniently located, anyway.
By the way, in order to listen whilst charging from any such power source it seems you need to turn on the player before connecting it: otherwise it just boots into charging mode and won't do anything else.
Oh yes, since starting the thread I did acquire an AC Adapter, which I see works that way, so I did think to do that (turn the iAudio 9 on first) before connecting it.

Thank you! I think I'll pick up another model hub at some point.
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