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Wow thank you so much! That post was quite informative! Much appreciated!

Originally Posted by JK98 View Post
The EPH100 is a microdriver IEM. I have two microdriver IEMs, the JVC HAFXC51 and the HA-FXC80. The idea behind a microdriver IEM is that the driver is actually in the ear canal, so the treble is better since treble works better when it goes directly down the ear canal and isn't reflected off the wall of it. These microdriver IEMs have a very open sound. The problem with the driver in the ear canal is that the driver enclosure is hard, which may lead to comfort and fit issues. If you want to experiment with a microdriver IEM, then get the JVC HAFXC80, which is only $35 on Amazon. Of all those pushing the $150 EPH100, I haven't read one post where someone said they have both the HAFXC80 and the EPH100 and compared the two.
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