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I've had something similar happen to mine couple times. When you get the logo, try unplugging it from computer, hold power for 30 seconds to reset.

Plug it back in and see if computer recognizes it. Try different combinations of it.
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I just had the problem with a broken player I bought off ebay. Fortunately I WAITED. Just wait for at least 10 minutes (with it plugged into your computer), apparently this is the "thinking" screen. I wouldnt do a hard reset either as it may mess with the firmware. Note: my battery was drained as well.
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Angry Good Luck

What seems to happen is if you just plug the mini-usb into a power source (even a usb charger plug) for a couple minutes, you can usually do the 20 second hold power button/press power again hold to get it to start up. This even includes one with a full battery.

However, it doesn't really seem to matter because in my experience when these things go, they go. I've had other Sansa products fail in exactly the same way.

This Sansa Clip+ I have owned for five months. It starting freezing up so I hard restarted it and got it going long enough to both factory reset it and totally REFORMAT it. The fix lasted all of 15 minutes. After reloading my files (Time involved with problem 2 hours), it played two music files and then it just died again mid-song. There was even a buzzing in my earphones.

When I got it hard started again from the second failure, it then decided to freeze up during REFORMAT (time spent now 3 hours).

You can follow their instructions and reset, reformat, re-install all you want. In the end it's a faulty Sandisk product bugging out and it's going to continue to fail until it totally dies.

This one is going back to Sandisk. After owning a few different Sansas, I have found them to have desirable functions but seriously flawed build quality. I've never owned an I-Pod, but I hope Apple's products are higher quality than these.

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Originally Posted by GRX View Post
After owning a few different Sansas, I have found them to have desirable functions but seriously flawed build quality.
I have owned eight MP3 players from SanDisk. Seven of them are still in fairly good working order.
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