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Originally Posted by jupitreas View Post
I see. Oh well, if you choose a hollow, patronizing tone to masquerade your confirmation bias for the HD650, instead of making proper arguments, I guess this debate truly is pointless.
Wonderful you’ve managed to take a conversation in another thread to a debate and now to an argument. lol, yes hollow, I don’t own them like you … how can I make as you state “proper arguments,” when you can’t even listen to a track that I suggest or any other track that we could mutually agree on for a proper discussion. Dam, you are so right they are muffled, not clear and veiled, I must have confirmation bias because I tried to correct your use of certain terms or don’t agree with you’re opinion.

It appears that you are annoyed that a non-audiophile would challenge your audiophile opinions about statements of being muffled, not clear and veild. Of the few posts I’ve read made by others with a similar opinion of hearing veil, I’ve seen where they actually came back and said they used underpowered amps, not sure that I believe in this because the 650s are not as power hungry as others paint them, but then again they actually own them. Maybe the pair you tested are fake or didn’t have enough hours on them so the drivers were not fully flexed if you believe in that sort of thing. Or what’s more likely you have a misunderstanding and misuse of the terms that you use to describe them.

I know there are better headphones on the market; many with a more entertaining sound signature whether more forward or neutral but few are as forgiving. For now this debate is over (closed), when you get a pair that we can compare notes feel free to contact me and we can pick up there.

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