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Welcome to abi, enjoy all the great information

Originally Posted by flowerpower View Post
So after lots of research I settled on an iaudio 9 by cowon. This player is amazing in every sense and sounds great …
Congrats, they are very nice players and I really like cowon’s JetEffect sound enhancement features, BBE, etc. …

Originally Posted by flowerpower View Post
… only on one side. I tried both the included earbuds and my own pair and in both cases I only get sound on the right side. Even tried playing with the balance setting and still no change. Anyone else experience this problem?
No, this is not common. If you are sure that the 3.5mm male plug from your IEMs is fully inserted and one side of audio is out there is something wrong or the jack may have a lose connection (sometimes when a player is new it’s a little tight and may require an extra press to make sure).

Originally Posted by flowerpower View Post
I'm really hoping this is a simple fix since I do not want to send this player back to Amazon for replacement. …
If it is broken, I would recommend you contact amazon right away to get it replaced, its easier to deal with amazon than getting an RMA approval from cowon and the RMA process takes much longer. I’ve had to return things to amazon and they’re great to deal with, they have replaced my defective items and returned to me in an acceptable period of time. Don’t try to fix this yourself as you could void the warranty.

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