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Originally Posted by JSP62 View Post
Have you tried running the Sansa until the battery dies, then recharge?
That's partially why I was running the battery bench. I'm currently recharging it now after running it down overnight.
Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
Iíve never found a battery icon meter on small devices to be 100% accurate other than laptop ones which are fairly accurate. I view them more as a guide to give one an idea of how much power you have left. Have you tried to update to the latest rockbox build to see it it makes a difference? That said, itís nice you can still get e200 batteries My e260 is really old and it's still running fairly well on original battery.
I know that battery meters are never 100% accurate, which is why I wanted to know how to calibrate it myself. I updated to the current build before I tried to fully charge the battery the first time.
Originally Posted by saratoga View Post
Yes, the percentages are taken from this table:;hb=HEAD

You can do a battery bench in rockbox, and then pull out the 0, 10,..100% values from that and insert them into the table above then compile your own build.
I've never tried to compile a build before so this might be beyond me. I was hoping that there was a text file of some sort in the compiled build that I could easily edit. Thanks for the tip though.

The battery bench says that it lasted 13 hours and 34 minutes before dying, which from what I understand is fairly low (I've seen benches in the 18-20 hour range). I did turn on the screen a few times to see how it was doing, but I'm guessing that it wouldn't have made a tremendous difference. Hopefully running the battery down will help.
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