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Default J3 Bricking??? I'm using a Mac

Have seen various comments from people with the 'bricking' problem that sometimes occurs when you 'haven't safely disconnected' unit from, particularly Mac's.......
I am about to receive my J3 back from Cowon(the 2nd time) and want to know what people think as to how to avoid this problem in the future....
It is possible for me to add my music on a PC, however will charge the unit via Mac, and lets face it, at sometimes alter content.
So, ultimately will continue using via a Mac, so need solutions based on this....
I've seen about 'hidden file' etc that need be deleted on PC...... and various others.....
Can someone give strong solid tips for this potential problem again, without jeopardizing my warranty with Cowon.....
Thanks very much
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Hi, I'm on my second J3, first one had a dodgy screen, ...and the second is bricked ..(check thread J3 screwed in this sub forum)..I don't rate the build quality of this player at all
Like your post nobody seems able to help. Im on PCs and seems something has corrupted it. I've never used Macs so can't comment on them regards J3.I don't think there is a solid way to avoid problems, apart from "safely remove hardware" procedure.

I have not got a microSD card in mine, but can you transfer card content into J3 memory? If you can then you could use a card reader to load the card from the Mac, then load the card into J3, then get a usb mains wall charger to charge the player without having to connect to a computer?

hope you get a trouble free J3 back!
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Originally Posted by sctuk99 View Post
If you can then you could use a card reader to load the card from the Mac, then load the card into J3, then get a usb mains wall charger to charge the player without having to connect to a computer?
All true, but I suspect that the "hidden files" will be left on the SD card even if you deal with it through a card reader connected to the Mac rather than doing the maintenance with the card in the J3 itself.

The problem with the Mac involvement is the "hidden files" left there when the Mac is disconnected. I'm not a Mac person but I believe a program named "Blue Forest" (or something like that) is the solution, to purge these hidden files which cause problems for the J3 before disconnecting from the Mac.

I believe this is the recommended "care and feeding" when a Mac is involved. But a true genuine Mac/J3 user should really jump in here to help you out and give you precise instructions.
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i use my j3 on my mac all the time. DSperber is right, it's the ._doublefiles. you need a program to erase them called blueharvest:

i've only had a bricked player once when i first got my j3. it's because i didn't plug in the usb cord all the way into my j3 and my player got disconnected before i could erase the ._doublefiles. after i reconnected, erased all the ._doublefiles and got a workable player. ever since then, i've never had a problem.
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Does anyone know of a program I could run on a PC that would get rid of these hidden files?
Thank you,
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