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Seriously I don't understand you guys... You're still on that topic while I already explained everything by PM and told you, you just need to read any mp3tag tutorial on the web to get it work.

I did not do anything particular, I just re-tagged your file like any random file!
I won't tell you how to tag a random file, there are many good mp3tag tutorials on the web.

Open the file with mp3tag, go to extras>options>tag>mpeg and select ID3v2.3 UTF-16 if that's not already the case.
Then put the Japanese Tags as jumbjumb said and save the modifications!

As your current tags are corrupted, you'll have to re-tag manually every single file or use the tag sources of mp3tag to automatically get the right tags (but not sure if the embedded websources know much about Japanese songs).
Your current tags are in ANSI format while they have to be in UTF-16, that's it.

I can't help you more than that!
I'm French^^ *GenerationMP3 Samsung Moderator*

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