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Originally Posted by WalkGood View Post
I made that statement because on my previous model (v1) I would patch the software fairly soon after release and I never had a problem. Although I don't know if the developers were busy making the appropriate changes before I patched the new OF.
Yes, the tools will refuse to patch a firmware version not on their whitelist. This is so that if Sandisk releases a new firmware that can't be safely patched, only a developer bricks their player rather then everyone who tries to update. This is unlikely, but we wanted to be safe since it would suck to brick everyone's player.

If you want to test you can remove the check in the code and compile your own mkamsboot that doesn't check, or just wait for someone to update the white list. We probably used to be faster about this since we needed the OF for USB. Now that USB works in rockbox, I don't think people are paying as close attention to the OF anymore.
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