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I can't say much about the playlists. I loaded it to check AAC playback more than anything elase. That seems to still broken the same as before in my limited tests. The same files that wouldn't play, those longer than around 10-12 minutes, still won't play. The same for the files that would. The shorter ones would play. They were all encoded with the most recent iTunes at a few medium to high bitrates.

I did make a couple of playlists. I made a few standard EXTM3U playlists using Musicbee and they played as long as they were saved to the same folder as the files. The ones I saved to the Music folder of a drive played. That was with both the internal and external memories. If I saved them to the root or any other place they were broken. Combined internal and external lists only showed the files on the drive where they were stored.

I can't patch the 01.01.20 to boot Rockbox so I went back to the older firmware. I don't do a lot of switching as I've read if there's a place that things might go wrong it's during a firmware update. Even once things are updated on the Rockbox end I don't know if I'll update again. Rockbox works the same regardless of the firmware version that was patched. As long as that's working I can't see a strong reason to update again.
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