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I used to do a fair bit over at the Misticriver site with the H1xx's and I cant recall any one having a always connected problem on H120.
The H3xx series used to have the problem and there was a workaround for it though I have no idea if it'd work on , or damage , your H120 as the h3xx had usb charging.
Here's a link to the H3xx thread from MR from internet archives wayback machine .
I'd use this method with caution though as it did at times reduce the battery life of the player and there's no telling what it might do to a h1xx.

The problem may be caused by a faulty component which would require a replacement part or possibly there's power leaking across the circuit board which is giving a signal that its connected. This can be caused by dust , corrosion or any conducting foreign material .
I'd try removing the covers and blowing the board down with a can of compressed air and then some contact cleaner. Avoid spraying the LCD with contact cleaner just to be safe.

One other thing that used to give trouble on the H1xx'x is the connection between the mother and daughter boards (I seem to have forgotten the problem this caused though). But while the covers are off you could try applying a small amount of pressure to the daughter board and see if it makes any difference.
The quick fix for this was to put a small amount of packing on the board to keep the pressure on once reassembled. Or, if you've got the gear and know how to do SMD soldering you can resolder the pins on the connectors.

Hope this was of some assistance.
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