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Originally Posted by DSperber View Post
My own approach to playing my J3 through the AUX input of my car's audio system is to have the J3 on 39-40, and simply turn the car's volume control down (or up) so that the listening level for whatever track you're playing is what you want it to be. Of course it depends on what your music files are, how you made/bought them, what level they are at to start with, etc.

So it might be possible that 39-40 for your music collection is going to overload the car's AUX input and it will sound distorted (or even "clip"). Just try it out, and settle on what sounds best. If 39-40 is "too hot" then cut it down somewhat. But you really do want to let the J3 put out as much signal as it can, for best sounding output from your car's audio system.

But generally speaking, I feel that when used this way the J3 is the "preamp" to the car's "amp". As such, I want to feed "line level" to the car's system, which to my mind is the 39-40 volume level on the J3.

Probably more significant is that I also set the EQ on my J3 on "normal" (aka "flat"), so that the car audio EQ or tone controls can be used to adjust as necessary to provide the quality of sound you find appealing from your car's amp/EQ/speakers.

You certainly won't be able to use the same BBE/EQ setup you use for headphones when played through your car's audio system. They're just two different playback environments, and one EQ should not be optimal for both playback systems.

So start off with normal/flat from the J3, and use the car's tone controls until you're happy. That's a much better approach than trying to find the delicate balance between the J3's EQ and your car's EQ/tone controls.

Wow thanks fot that answer! So the red numbers does'nt mean distortion. That is good to know
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