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(1) Battery on new J3 should really be charged about 6 hours the first time, but if it worked after 30 minutes then fine.

(2) J3 is not Mac-friendly. Copying files from Mac to J3 results in "hidden files" left behind that are disaster for the J3. Disaster.

Best bet, if you can: re-format the J3 from scratch, from a Windows machine (not Mac) using either (a) the SD Association 3.1 formatting utility or (b) GUIFormat. Both of these will be usable to erase both internal and external storage (if you have an external card inserted in the J3 or in an external card reader) up to 32GB (and GUIFormat can also be used to format a 64GB SDXC card if it is inserted into an external SDXC card reader, not the J3), which is where you want to be right now.

Then, "safely remove hardware", disconnect the J3 from the PC, reboot the J3 and it will recreate all of its required initial folders/files... just like factory (but without any demo files).

Now, either use a Windows PC to maintain the J3, or use a Mac program named BlueHarvest (I think) to be sure and delete those hidden files from the J3 before disconnecting.
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