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I'm not saying that Philips isn't capable of making quality products. You'll notice I said "Not in the area of DAPs and PMPs" in response to the statement they need to be better regarded. I've owned several other Philips products including headphones that performed as well, if not better, as other products in their price range.

I still regret that I had the SHE 9500 before I learned to treat my IEMs with care. They didn't cost much and the SQ was excellent for the price. I'm not surprised there are low priced Philips that are currently FOTM. If they are anywhere near as good as the SHE 9500 they deserve to be noticed.

The DAPs of theirs I owned just weren't up to snuff. The sound was decent and the UI was easy to learn. None of that made a difference when one would decide to go belly up and I wasn't at home to try to revive it. Notice I said "try".

Reinstalling the firmware was iffy at best. At least half the time the installer would report success and hadn't done anything. Another 30% of the time it would report failure. The other 20% of the time it would work but the fix was always temporary. I had too many other options to keep playing that game so I decided to go with those instead of continuing to frustrate myself.
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