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Old 03-28-2012, 08:30 AM
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Just got “Sammy’s Adventures: The Secret Passage 3D” the other day, wow very impressive pop out 3D effects in hi-definition animation. This movie made in Belgium showcases marine life in 3D, sure it’s a kid’s movie but with a good 3D TV & 3D blu ray player I would say that at least 75 to 80% of the movie takes place between the screen and where you are sitting, very cool! There’s a scene where a sea snake jumps out and it’s about 1 meter away from you, also many of the characters are within an arms reach of you. If someone stands near the screen and waves their arm in front of the screen it appears the snake is in front of them to the person watching, really stunning 3D effects and fun to see.

Ok the movie itself is a bit hokey as the plot is love or universal love. It’s basically about a sea turtle that hatches in 1959 and spends 50 years traveling the world’s oceans and encounters with humans all while it's being challenged by global warming. Add in the emphasis on pollution and the environment, it can come across as a documentary, although most of the facts are not accurate. But if you like 3D pop out effects, this might be one that you may want to watch.

On a side note the movie in 3D is not available in the USA as the EU is region B but I got mine from China as they use region A and the movie has both English and Cantonese selectable. Although if you have a player where you can change the region, this isn't a problem.

Directed by Ben Stassen, this movie features the voice talents of Isabelle Fuhrman, Tim Curry and Melanie Griffith ...

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