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not sure where you sent your email, but I am pretty sure that you didn't email me. I have written plenty of tutorials and provided diagrams in the past. Anyway, hope things went alright with the mod.

btw.. i would never paint a leather headband... you could use acrylic water based paint on it just fine, but you really couldn't clearcoat the paint on leather.. so no protection for the paint.

as for a diagram.. not really much point in a diagram to be honest. the goal is to improve the audio quality, while at the same time add mic functionality without adding noise. i could tell you how i usually do it, but i don't always wire the same way. everything depends on how things sound, is there feedback?, and if so steps need to be taken to eliminate that. point is you really need to understand what you are doing before diving in. i don't mean any disrespect by what i just typed, I just firmly believe in doing some research before starting a project... in the long run you get an understanding for what you are doing, and should be able to find the solution that best fits your plans.

again, if you did email me, apologies if I overlooked you... wasn't intentional


Originally Posted by majnu View Post
As I said in my post mate, I've not been getting any replies from the source.

I've been asking on various forums even GeekSlutz which are a dedicated Studio Equipment forum and I have not been getting anywhere.

Tommyboy (source) is now doing this as a side business, so what was once a hobby to help the community has turned into a business venture so it's understandable that he does not want to provide a wiring diagram and a method on how to paint/replace the Sennhesier headband which on the HD595's is a leather type material.
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