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Default battery replacement and firmware downgrade issues

Hi Everyone,

I am looking for some assistance/suggestions!

Here's my scenario. I have 30GB ZV:M and I just recently purchased a replacement 1500mAh battery as my battery life has been relatively short recently.

I left the new battery to charge on my AC adapter overnight. In the morning, it still wasn't charged (the lightning bolt was flashing, but the battery bar still only had the red empty bar).

So I figured the new battery might require me to downgrade my firmware to 1.41.01. When I tried to downgrade, I got the error message that "your battery levels are too low, please charge your batteries before you proceed". I even get this message when the ZVM is plugged into the wall with the AC adapter (i.e., there shouldn't be any power shortages). I also tried firmware versions 1.40.02, 1.30.02, 1.11.01 (all from, but they either didn't recognize that the ZVM was connected or encountered the low battery error.

I went in to recovery mode and did a "cleanup" and tried again - still no success. I also tried the "reload the firmware" option, but the only firmware I could get back on were versions 1.50.02 or newer, since these firmware executables don't seem to get hung up on the low battery warning.

So, I tried to put my old battery back in, but it also wouldn't charge at all. However, I think I fried the original battery when I first took it out of the ZVM. I say this, because when I was taking it out I bent the battery and then it got really hot (I must have shorted something).

The ZVM does power on and function properly when hooked up to the AC adapter. It is recognized by the computer and everything. However, as soon as I unplug the AC adapter, it shows the low battery screen and quickly shuts off. It will not run if just hooked up to my PC via USB, without the AC adapter.

So, I'm stuck. I can't use my old battery to downgrade the firmware, and the new one won't charge to a high enough level to get past the low battery level.

I have found references to something called the Creative Wizard which historically has allowed one to use a modified firmware file to update the ZVM. However, the pimpmyzen site no longer exists and I can't find either the Creative Wizard or the means to extract the necessary .bin files from the original firmware executables.

My questions are:
1) Is there any way to get passed the low battery error during the firmware downgrade?
2) Could I have mucked up the charging circuit? I'm pretty sure I had the old battery unplugged before I accidentally bent it and it started getting hot.
3) Has anyone gotten passed a similar situation? If so, what did you do?
4) Should I try the "format" option in recovery mode? I'd prefer not to.

Short of getting another replacement battery I can't think of what to do. I'm in communication with the ebay seller where I got the battery. They are keen to help me, either by sending me another battery or by giving me a refund. Should I try another one from them? Last night I also ordered a 1400mAh model from Hong Kong.

Any suggestions/insight would be appreciated.


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