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Default Gateway DMP-X20

Couldn't find a single thread about this player... so here goes.

My interest is renewed because I just got my hands on a working model. I bought one of these when they came out in 2003, it was pretty good for the time. Best attributes are the barrel-roller controller, relatively large screen, clean/efficient GUI, and it's a USB2 mass-storage device. On the downside, it doesn't charge from USB, and needs drivers to load music, which is only supported on XP and WMP9/10. However I was able to get the driver to work on XP SP3 with WMP11 or Winamp, using only it's most basic function (Reconcile) to scan for new tracks and build the database. Also the battery is soldered to the mainboard so replacement is moderately difficult. Uses a standard hitachi 1.8" HD so CF mod should be possible with an adapter, same type you would use in Rio Karma.

It's basically a second-gen version of the e.Digital Odyssey 1000/MPIO HD-100. I believe e.Digital did the design and Gateway simply rebranded. This was Gateway's only high capacity DAP even released and it didn't last long. I think they overestimated sales and underestimated the cost of support and returns.

Ha... found my old review:

The barrel controller is used for scrolling through items and you can click it down to select. In the Now Playing screen, it controls volume. Very convenient for quick adjustments, much better than + and - buttons. The Dell DJ series used a very similar controller. Best alternative to the iPod-wheel IMO, though being mechanical I'm sure it's more prone to failure.

If you want one, have to keep an eye on ebay or craigs. Not especially valuable or sought after, but fairly rare.
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