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Came across this forum through reading news elsewhere of J3 discontinuation and registered so that I could post a reply here, as what I have to say may be of use to someone.

A couple of months ago after over a year of flawless operation my J3 started to randomly shut itself off when I was listening to music on the bus to work. Sometimes several times on a single journey, other times once every few days. Now this wasn't a freeze but the device actually powering itself off. No reset was necessary I just had to switch it back on. As you can imagine this was incredibly annoying. There didn't seem to be any common factors with regards to the file being played, its type or its storage location i.e. onboard or sd card. I tried completely discharging and fully charging the battery, switching the sd card and also upgrading to the latest firmware but all to no avail. The damn thing kept switching itself off.

I'd almost resigned myself to the thing dying on me when I noticed something. I heard the familiar "du-du-du" interference noise from a mobile phone receiving a text message just before it shut down. My phone (Xperia Arc FWIW) and J3 were next to each other in my pocket so on a hunch I put the phone in a different pocket and waited. Sure enough my J3's behaved itself ever since.

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