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Originally Posted by 3602 View Post
That does happen. This problem persisted since the age of SonicStage.
Do those songs have "forbidden characters" in them? That is to say, do they contain any characters (either in file name or in Tag) other than those of the ASCII class?
At the outset, I'm relieved in a way to know that it's not something I've messed up and has been experienced by others. The question is, are there sometimes MP3s for which there is no fix?

This album does have some non-standard characters, but these apply to both the tracks which are okay and the tracks which are 'hiding'. For example, the album title has the ☆ character; and since the track titles include Japanese characters, there are those present as well. In the ID3v1 tab, these comes out as ???? But this applies to all the tracks in the album. So far I can't distinguish any unique feature of the data for the 'hiding' tracks.

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