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I don't understand the objection to FLAC. It's a terrific archiving format as others have mentioned. And then, if your player has enough storage space, why bother to re-encode in lossy formats? So it uses more battery power: recharge more often, problem solved. I think it does make a difference in battery runtime, but not THAT much difference. With today's big capacities, storage space isn't a problem unless your collection is huge. I don't see the point of buying a high capacity player if it doesn't save you from having to juggle different files and formats around. Does anyone REALLY buy a Cowon X7 and fill it with 160GB of Vorbis or MP3? Even on my D2 (16+16GB) I have a lot of flacs and lots of space left over. If I ran out of space I'd probably just upgrade to a bigger SD card rather than mess with multiple encodings. Cards are crazy cheap now, compared to not that long ago.
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