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This is an old thread, but so far can't find a newer one on this subject:

I was having this problem for a couple of days, and now seem to have it mainly beaten.

I have a Walkman NWZ-A865, and although I'm not always a fan of the provided software for devices (I don't use it for my Canon digital cam or my Sony eReader) I am so far finding that Sony Media Go seems quite good for managing my albums for the Walkman. I tried copying albums directly using Windows Explorer, but ran into problems with a variety of issues.

In Media Go, I have found that if I scale the album cover so that the largest dimension is 300px, a cover which would not appear on the Walkman starts to appear just fine. In terms of adding the cover to the MP3, I use Media Go and simply right click on the track title > Properties > Artwork tab... then 'Remove' any existing cover which would not appear on the Walkman, and 'Add' the new one at 300px maximum.

So far I've been doing that individually for every track in an album - maybe someone knows if there's a shorter way of doing this for a whole album?

EDIT: Okay, worked that out now: following the above procedure, actually remove any album cover from the Artwork tab of each individual track; and then back out to the main Library page, and then right-click and go to Properties for the whole album; add the 300px (or less) artwork to the album right there, and it will appear for each track. (But if any track has its own artwork set, it will take precedence and will appear instead of the album cover, unless it is larger than 300px).

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